Norah Nilssen


Written By Suzanne

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Growing up as the second and most favorite child, Norah has a bit of superiority complex, especially when it comes to her older brother. She's not necessarily spoiled, she just knows when she's entitled to certain things. She can be quite bossy when she feels confident about something, but is a bit on the hesitant side if she is unsure. Her temper is mild, but you can always tell when she is displeased as her eyebrows knit together and the corners of her mouth turn downwards in a pout. She does have a softer side, but you have to catch her at the right moment to see it. She's a generally pleasant, proper young woman, unless you do something out of the ordinary and then all bets are off.


Norah is a mirror image of her brother complete with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and the usual light complexion. She prefers dresses and skirts with everything pressed and fairly perfect. Her hair is usually down, letting her natural curls run wild, or pulled back into a neat braid so that the only the small wisps float along her forehead. Much like her brother, she is rather petite for her age (only Brynjolf would use the word scrawny in a sentence.)


Norah grew up in the same household as the one her brother knew. She'd never known anything of Scandinavia and the time that her parents spent there while Brynjolf was young. She rather likes their home in the States and has no intention of leaving any time soon and - unlike her brother - has no interest in returning there or being in contact with her Scandinavian cousins. She's more than excited to attend Rocky Mountain, but is quite displeased that she is attending a year late. As she was born just a bit after the cut off date, Norah is almost 12 years old. Regardless, she's excited to begin officially learning how to do magic properly and show that she is the better Nilssen child. She also strives to show her parents that she can continue to be their Golden child even when she isn't around them.