Poppy Hawk


Written By Sarah

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Quiet and studious. Is nervous and anxious until she gets to know people and feels comfortable around them. Fiercely loyal, if poppy is your friend she is your friend for life and will go to the ends of the earth for you. Poppy loves to learn and is bright, she always happy to help out a fellow student, you can often find her in the library. She loves her pet cat more then anything else.


Poppy is a petite 5 foot and 3 inches with long curly dark hair, dark brown eyes, bee sting lips and a curvaceous figure. She likes simple clothes, jeans and vest tops with battered canvas shoes being her staple wardrobe. She does own a few dresses but will rarely wear them, she likes to stay anonymous and under the radar.


Poppy has a witch mother, Cynthia Hawk, who works with magical creatures for the ministry. She has been brought up around all manner of magical creatures, both dangerous and benign, so has no fear around any animal. She has a passion for looking after all creatures and has many pets at home. Her Muggle father, Sebastian Hawk, works as a lawyer and is fascinated by the magical world, he often jokes how he had better behave living with two witches. Poppy is an only child.