Dwight Finn


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


DJ is charming young man, He instinctively knows how to capture an audience. He’s good at picking up on others’ moods. Many would say DJ is a team player. He likes listening to others’ opinions even if they contradict his own. He hates to let anyone down so he’ll go the extra mile to see a project through. DJ likes being part of a community often seeking out clubs with his warm personality. DJ would also say he’s a natural leader. Being the eldest of the younger Finn tribe he enjoys doing actives with his younger sister and younger cousin who is like a little brother to him.


DJ looks the most like his mother Sylvia having warm light brown skin, black hair and brilliant green eyes. Though his bone structure gives him away as a Finn. At fourteen he looks exactly like his father did and is tall at 5’7 with time to grow taller more. He has an athletic build. He tends to dress in jeans and t-shirts though his Uncle Riley has sent him with some nicer pieces charmed to grown with him.


DJ is the oldest of the new Finn generation. He was born when his parents were just 18 and he has grown up on Army bases like his father did. Currently the Finns are stationed in Hawaii. Since he was young he remembers always seeing his Uncle Riley but rarely seeing his dad’s half brothers. When Uncle Riley and Uncle Seb adopted Zach it doubled and now DJ, Evie, and Zach are as close as siblings. As a child he was schooled on base by witches and wizards who ran the school At eleven years old he was sent to Wallowa Mountain Academy. There he excelled at his classes especially Wilderness Survival and he was a part of the Soccer and Mountaineering Club but as he grew older he knew there was a subject he wanted to follow that WMA didn’t teach. During his fourth year at WMA he applied to Rocky Mountain International to study Animagus lessons. In November he got his acceptance letter for after midterm.