Marley Chapman


Written By Sasha

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: January 13
Wand: Balsam fir with a single jobberknoll feather, 10"


Perhaps due to bouncing between parents and locations, Marley is an outgoing and earnest girl who makes friends easily, but noticed from an early age that they fade quickly. (At her current age, she now refuses to let go, and thinks she’s gotten pretty good at telling when she needs to poke or pull her friends back into her life.) She is a hopeless optimist and loves to be involved in different groups, but her commitment is lacking; she likes to think of herself as musical like her dad or athletic like her mum, and either could be true eventually, but she tends to tack on new interests and clog up her day with too many commitments. She speaks of her heritage with pride, forgetting (or ignoring) how in the first few days after switching between parental homes, she always feels conflicted about her identity - of course, that’s become even easier to forget (or ignore) now that her parents live closer together, although having a third vaguely-parental figure is a level of complexity that she hasn’t managed to figure out how or if it fits into her own identity.


Half Sicilian, half Afro-Brazilian, Marley’s blend of features manage to make her simultaneously resemble both of her parents and neither of them. From her dad, she gets her dark skin tone, tall stature, and rounded nose; from her mum, thick brown hair and angular eyes. The pair of light brown irises, however, are uniquely her own, and likewise for the tight curls that frame her face. Neither of her parents have much money to spare, so her clothing is practical rather than fashionable, but that's fine by her: her love of fashion can be pretty easily fulfilled by a trip to any secondhand store. Marley’s closet is ordered into outfits instead of clothing type - a staple outfit being her denim jacket with patches sewn ‘round the sides, a skater skirt or pastel shorts, and some kind of wide-necked top that shows off her neon bra straps, because that’s fun and absolutely not at all unladylike (what a patriarchal idea, ugh).


Marley is the only child of Liana Chapman and Blake Allen. Liana is a witch of unknown blood heritage who was orphaned in Palermo and later adopted internationally by the very Muggle Chapman family. It was in high school in Toronto that she met Blake, also very Muggle from a Brazilian immigrant family. They dated erratically for years, but Liana getting pregnant after university confirmed for them that they weren't interested in anything long-term ( least, not until Marley hit her teens, which is when they stopped dating other people and started dating each other again <i>with</i> other people, but that’s a story for another time). Marley’s grown up considering them independently as parents, and only independently; even in brief spells living under the same roof, they always took turns as parental figures rather than wrestling for authority. When not at RMI, Marley generally spends long periods on North American roadways in an enchanted truck emblazoned with promos for Liana’s independent magi-mechanics business, broken up by stretches in the Allen’s family townhouse in Toronto, and interspersed with more-or-less weekly dinners with her parents. This family dynamic has been the defining feature in Marley's life so far. (Of course, now that her dad’s inherited the townhouse, and her parents’ joint boyfriend is living with him, the dynamic is a little different - just a little - but again, a story for another time!)


Quidditch, AgriClub, fresh orange juice, jigsaw puzzles that aren’t too complicated, nail polish, especially the magical kind, loud music, music for dancing along, music that can only be described as “swoopy”, sleepovers that are really just an excuse to stay up all night talking, laugh-out-loud jokes.


Mushrooms, the patriarchy, Buckley when he embraces the patriarchy, and Connor Farnon, literally all of the time. (Except that one time a potato exploded in his face because he wouldn’t listen to her pro tips for potato baking. That was hilarious, and also totally served him right.)


TBD. Life goals are hard to pick! But the past couple years she's gotten really interested in Healing, so like, maybe that's a sign?