Anders Blackburn


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Anders Blackburn is a laid-back, friendly and generally happy person. He enjoys being with other people and animals. He can be very charming and enjoys being the center of attention. Anders dislikes being alone and will often find ways to help others, so he doesn’t have to be. Boredom is an unknown thing to Anders as he is always doing something often involving others carrying them away with his enthusiasm and optimism.


Anders once unkempt long blonde hair has been replaced by blonde hair with short beach waves. His green eyes are usually sparkling with some type of mischief. The ex-Aquila is tall and while in his 30s he hasn’t gained much weight since his days at RMI. Even now he still wears jeans and t-shirts even while teaching.


Anders Blackburn was born Anders Hudson to two purebloods. In his early toddler years his parents divorced and while he was raised by his mother in California, his father never stopped trying to controll everything. After he got expelled from a small wizarding school in California in his third year, his father pulled some strings and got him accepted into RMI. At RMI he was sorted into Aquila and met his future wife Rosetta Blackburn. Around his fifth year, he was violently disowned by his father after breaking his betrothal to Rosalina Espinoza. He then took his mother’s name Hudson. During his time at RMI, he had an apprenticeship as a creature healer for his sixth and seventh years. In the summer between sixth and seventh year, he found that his anigumus form was a Capbayara. He began studying how to change forms but he couldn't figure it out for a while. When he graduated from RMI, he forwent college and started a four-year apprenticeship in creature healing. During that time Rosetta graduated from RMI and moved in while she began her quidditch career. After he finished his creature healing apprenticeship as a Master Creature Healer he opened up his own shop Capybara and Honey Badger's Creature Healer Shop. They slowly with time began a chain that is still going strong and growing to this day. After a long while and Anders purposing, a few times Rosetta agreed to marry him. She also jokingly asked him to take her name and he agreed. So for the third time in his life, his last name changed this time to Blackburn. After their wedding, Anders went to a graduate school to get his Ph.D. in creature healing. Officially becoming Doctor Anders Blackburn much to the annoyance of Rosetta’s brother Keith. After eight years of running Capybara and Honey Badger's Creature Healer Shop Anders found out his father had died and had left everything to him. Now rich beyond believe Anders left the healer shop as Head Healer but still CEO and began to work on an Animal Sanctuary. After a few years, he opened The Blackburn and Bradbury Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Magical Creatures. He adored running it but then RMI came calling. He always wanted to give back to kids since he and Rosetta had agreed to never have any. After much discussion with his wife, Anders decided to take RMI up on their job offer. Throughout the summer he took classes Herbology classes to get up to date for the the poistion of Professor of Magizoobotany.