William Bloom


Written By Suzanne

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Will is dedicated and incredibly strong-willed. He's often direct and will nearly always be honest with a person, often to the point of unintentionally hurting their feelings. He believes in being patient and loyal, but remaining reliable no matter what's at stake. He's likes creating order, because to him, chaos makes things unpredictable, and unpredictable things can’t be trusted when they are needed most (unless of course it's planned chaos of his own design). He can be stubborn and uptight, often finding it difficult to relax or be comfortable in situations that are entirely unconventional. However, he tends to feel things too deeply or quickly – it’s his one snap judgement and a flaw that he can’t seem to change (a trait similar to his father). Will is constantly active, quick-minded, and entirely straight-forward.


Will is the spitting image of his father, William O'Connell. He has dark brown eyes to go with his equally dark brown hair, although his eyes are often hidden behind black square framed glasses. His jaw promises to be slightly squared but is currently obscured by the "baby fat" he still sports on his cheeks. He has a straight nose and rather busy eyebrows with a pair of slightly-too-big ears to match, courtesy of his father once again. The only thing that belongs to his mother is his brilliant smile and the blessing of perfectly straight teeth. The rest of him can only be described as typically built for a boy his age. He prefers jeans and button-down shirts (with the occasional popped collar because he doesn't feel like fixing it) and if its cold enough, a jacket over top. For days where he just feels like being lazy, you'll find him wrapped in a black hoodie and his hair sticking out in random places.


William is the child of Andrea Bloom and William O’Connell. Andrea is the bastard child of Gideon Bloom, relating him to both Cayden and Aviynne. He doesn’t talk to either of his aunts, although he has vague contact with the former on rare occasion. He was conceived out of wedlock but was the exact reason that his parents married. His father wanted to make an honest woman out of Andrea and knew that Andrea was a witch, he himself being a squib. The small family lives in Killarney, Ireland running a pub that Will Sr. has run since his dad passed away. After marrying Andrea, the two had continued living in the apartment above the establishment, raising their son there as well. His first act of magic occurred at the age of three. He speaks Gaelic fluently, but thanks to his parents, can also speak English relatively well. He speaks nearly as clear as his father, but a broken accent similar to his mother can be heard with certain words. Will spent four years as a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts with relatively high grades. He was transferred to Rocky Mountain at the request of his mother and from a few stories that Will had heard from his Aunt Cayden, he had no objections to agreeing with his mother’s wishes. Because he doesn’t want to be “Junior” to the rest of the world, he goes by the surname of Bloom to anyone that isn’t family, which is fine with his parents.