Deagret Wyckland


Written By Fae

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: April 17th
Wand: 11.5" Cedar, Phoenix Feather Core


Dea can be quite blunt. She's honest, easy to anger, and always seems to be simmering below the surface. Her small stature makes her feel fragile in the eyes of those who don't know her. So she puffs herself up. She tries her best to be as friendly as possible, and she's generally considered quite an open person. Dea can be sensitive, and her temper is a ticking time-bomb. She's very impulsive, and quick to anger. She's even quicker still to act on her emotions. It's gotten her in trouble before, but nothing that she couldn't handle. However, she is an empathetic soul, no matter how much she tries to hide it. She cares deeply for others, so deep it can endanger her own wellbeing, sometimes. Deagret is loyal, especially to her friends and family. She doesn't take threats against them lightly, and can be quite aggressive and protective when it comes to their safety. She's a determined thing, and stubborn as hell. She feels an intense need to finish every argument, which may be linked to the fact that she often feels as though she must prove herself and her worth. She's more than a little bit of a troublemaker, too, thanks to some friendly influences. She likes to laugh, and as a fairly bright-spirited person with her friends, Dea enjoys harmless pranks and mischief.


Sitting at a firm 5'0, Deagret is a tiny thing. She's lean and rather muscular for her size. Her hair, a rusty red, hangs over her shoulders in a long bob style, and her face is framed by slight curtain bangs. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are the color of a dark, reddy whiskey, and are almost always sparking with mischief. Her skin is pale, and covered in freckles from time spent in the sun, with a healthy splattering across her nose. She's an odd beauty, with a delicate, pixieish facial structure. With a button nose and sharp angles and a permanent smirk, "trouble" seems to be stamped on her forehead. She has a noticeable scar above her left eyebrow that stretches up toward her hairline, though it is hidden by her hair.


Born April 17th to Muggle doctors Mark and Joslyn Wyckland (orthopedic surgeon and neuropsychologist, respectively), Deagret grew up in a happy little suburb Massachusetts, USA, along with her brother Graham, who is eight years older. In Muggle schooling, her small size made her an easy target, and so she learned not to put up with people who like to walk over others. She is an aspiring ballerina, but would much prefer working in her dream job.


Dance, painting, being around friends and family. Candy, ice cream, and her dirt bike (named Susan).


Liars and papercuts. Anyone who dares to insult or hurt those she cares about—she’s a fierce opponent, and not someone to be trifled with.


Deagret dreams vividly of becoming a Curse Breaker. She wants to travel the world in search of old treasures and dangerous curses. She seeks adventure and her curious mind does little to halt her impulsivity.