Deagret Wyckland


Written By Fae

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Birthday: April 17th
Wand: 10.5” Cedar Wood, Phoenix Feather Core


Deagret is generally optimistic, and tends to see the good in people, no matter how much bad they may be overshadowed by. Extremely loyal and determined to protect her loved ones, Deagret can be quick to defend or protect when those close to her (or she herself) are threatened. Loving, kind, and generous though she is, Deagret is very impulsive, and thus can be quick to judge or assume. When proven wrong, she can be quickly consumed with guilt or disappointment in herself and her previous judgment or mistake. Extremely intelligent and quick-witted, Deagret is an excellent student (though sometimes daydreaming gets her into trouble). Emotions tend to get in the way of Deagret thinking logically, causing her to make decisions without thinking them through or debating the consequences and advantages and disadvantages of a choice. Loyal to a fault, she wouldn't dare tell a secret or betray her friends. Although she is quick to try to make friends and loves to talk, Deagret sometimes likes to be alone in order to calm or center herself, and had major anxiety problems as a child, which lessened over the years but still happen once in a blue moon. She tends to read, paint, or practice ballet to help her focus her creativity and relax. She's quick to defend others and put herself on the line for her loved ones, most often thinking of their safety and not her own. Despite what one would consider charming qualities, when she isn't dancing, Deagret is strangely very clumsy. Walking into walls or tables, tripping down stairs, dropping her often large stack of books in the hallway, and stubbing her toes are all very normal occasions for her. She holds a lot of self-doubt in her tiny body, and Deagret scolds herself a little too much, harshly reprimanding herself over something needless and small. Deagret also has a fiercely short temper, and can become quite ferocious when angry, often exploding over petty issues and comments. Quirky, bubbly, empathetic, and understanding, Deagret can stop her often constant talking when someone is in need of a friend, or even just a listener. She dreams of exploring the world as a Curse Breaker, finding treasures long hidden away from the world and breaking spells of old magic.


Deagret is a tiny thing, much shorter than any other 11 year old, and looks quite like a twig masquerading as a person. She has long rust-colored hair that falls to the small of her back, and deep whiskey-colored doe-eyes. Her facial features are delicate and feminine, with a button nose and a few freckles splattered across it to match. Her hair tends to fall into her eyes, so she is most likely to be seen wearing a black ribbon to tie back her side bang.


Born April 17th to Muggle doctors Mark and Joslyn Wyckland (orthopedic surgeon and neuropsychologist, respectively), Deagret grew up in a happy little suburb Massachusetts, USA, along with her brother Graham, who is eight years older. In Muggle schooling, her small size made her an easy target, and so she learned not to put up with people who like to walk over others. She is an aspiring ballerina, but would much prefer working in her dream job.


Ballet; painting; reading; being around friends and family. She especially loves cold winter days where she can sit by the fire, cozy in a blanket with a mug of tea or hot cocoa in one hand and a book in the other.


Liars; needles; papercuts. Anyone who dares to insult or hurt those she cares about—she’s a fierce opponent, and not someone to be trifled with.