Margaret Booth


Written By Casey

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Maggie is a gentle and loving soul with a bit of bounce in her step. She is very naive and very innocent, which leaves her rather gullible. She is extremely friendly and welcoming to new people and experiences, and she is the type of kid not afraid to raise her hand in class. Maggie loves people almost as much as she loves animals. However, she has a stubborn streak in her, and it can be difficult for her to back down when she is convinced that she is in the right. She is a loyal friend to have, and most of all, she has a very big heart.


While many of her features are shades of brown (her skin light brown, her hair and eyes dark brown), Maggie is often strikingly colorful. She likes dressing in fun colors and patterns, and her lips are particularly pink, even without the assistance of the makeup she tooootally doesn’t have (don’t tell her mom). She is of a small frame and is under average in height for her age. Her cheeks are dimpled, and she wears thin, rectangular glasses.


Margaret Rose “Maggie” Booth is the child of Nicholas and Alexis Booth, European immigrants who traveled all across America without staying in one place until finally settling in Illinois a couple years ago. In truth, these names of her parents are aliases, and she is the biological child of Puerto Rican pureblood Chino Espinoza, conceived shortly before his wife, Alexandra Espinoza nee Knight, ran away with another man, with whom she raised Maggie until his recent departure from their lives. As one might imagine, stability has not necessarily been a very intrinsic part in her upbringing. With all the moving and now the exit of the man she knows as her father, there has been some shake ups while she develops. But, as a naturally upbeat person, she has done well to keep her head up.