Jacob Fitz


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Jacob is charming when he wants to be. He has a way with words that make people instantly like or hate him. He doesn’t mind being the center of attention but he can just as equally blend into the background. He is energetic and usually has a hard time sitting still for a long time. This has gotten him into trouble a fair few times. Jacob can be insensitive about other’s feelings but when his own feelings are hurt bouts of uncontrolled magic seem to happen.


Jacob has shaggy dark blonde hair which often looks like he rolled out of bed and didn’t bother to brush it. Like his twin, he has blue eyes. Jake tends to wear jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.


Jake is the third child of four born to a Witch and a Muggle. He grew up in Missouri with his younger twin brother Jace. His older siblings he loves but doesn’t remember much because by the time he really started to remember Jenna and Jeremy were already in school for most of the year.