Quinn Walker


Written By Ryan

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Quinn likes to call herself strong-willed but most see her as inflexible and stubborn. She’s friendly and open to people she sees as part of the same class as her. She is less open with Muggleborn or people who do not respect her family name. She can be judgmental and will have no problem voicing her opinion of anyone.


Quinn is short for her age, has long brown hair and brown eyes. She tends to wear outfits she considers proper skirts and blouses but slacks sometimes appear.


Quinn is from Savanhhan Georgia and the oldest of three children. The Walker family is among the oldest Pureblood families in Savannah and she doesn’t hesitate to remind anyone of that. The Walker family is well off and very integrated into the Southern Pureblood society. Quinn was homeschooled from the moment she could walk in reading and writing. During her first years of Magical schooling, she attended Chatham Academy of Magical Arts a day school. This term her father decided to send her to RMI realizing Chatham wasn’t improving her standing in society nor was it challenging her as a school should.