Madeleine Tennant-McKindy


Written By Sophia

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Madeleine was raised on a diet of girl-power novels that left her with a sense that she can do anything. She takes learning seriously and convinced her Aaron-Dad to start teaching her magic before her eleventh birthday. She is curious and never hesitates to ask questions when she wants to know the answer, even if other people might consider those questions imprudent. Madeleine is loyal to a fault, and will forgive even inexcusable behavior from those she considers family as long as they apologize. Without that apology, however, she will hold grudges against people who have hurt someone she cares about for years (most recently Headmaster Toby, for his crimes against Madeleine’s poltergeist friend Mr. Shifty). Most of her actions are driven by her desire for knowledge or her commitment to her family and friends’ wellbeing. Like her father, she can be something of a meddler. Madeleine is sensitive and wears her emotions on her sleeves. She needs to be explicitly told to keep information to herself, but once she knows she has been entrusted with a secret she will guard it fiercely.


One of Madeleine’s goals is to be the youngest Animagus at RMI, and she is curious about what her identifying marks in her animal form will be—maybe her gray-green eyes. Madeleine usually wears her brown hair in pigtails, although she has recently started experimenting with braids. An imaginative and avid dress-up player, Madeleine can often be found wearing unusual combinations of garments, such as tiaras with trenchcoats (the “detective princess” look) or chef jacket with charmed fabric wings (“fairy baker”).


Madeleine grew up at RMI with her brother Drew, dad Garen Tennant, and other dad Aaron McKindy, plus their pets, Caliban the macaw, Godric the cat (rest in peace), Circe the kitten, and Jennyanydots the puffskein. Madeleine is the youngest member of her massive extended family, which includes Garen’s adopted daughters Abby and Katrina Embers, their children, and Aaron’s biological daughters Cara and Jessie. Madeleine has looked forward to being an RMI student her whole life and is excited to upgrade her silver RMI student robes from “costume” to “everyday outfit piece.”