Lucien Dubois


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 04/27
Wand: Sweet viburnum with ground dugbog tooth, 8"


Lucien takes everything a little too seriously. He does have a sense of humour, but it's sporadic, and pretty self-deprecating. He considers himself practically-minded and has by this age identified his more important strengths and weaknesses, but impractically, he tends to cater to his strengths instead of addressing areas needing improvement. As a result of feeling overshadowed by his siblings, he didn't have many close friends growing up, and is a bit clingy or needy in his current friendships. He has a perhaps surprising quantity of self-pride and enjoys gaining others' approval.


Like the rest of his siblings, Lucien's hair and eyes are a close-enough-to-matching shade of medium brown. Unlike them, he needs glasses, which are usually replaced by contact lenses in order to avoid fogged vision. His bathroom cabinet features enough gel to keep his hair slicked back into a neat peak above his forehead. Lucien stands at a comfortable 5'6 - or what might be comfortable, if his sister wasn't the same height. Preferring books and his well-used cauldron over sports, his musculature is basically non-existent within a heavier build of mass, although repetitive practice with potions (his favourite subject) has made him proud of the careful strength in his hands and quickness of his fingers. He tends to dress more on the formal side with slacks and pressed shirts under his robes.


Born and raised in the small village of Baie-Comeau, Québec, Lucien is the second of four. His older brother, Alphonse V, graduated from RMI last year and was immediately swept into his calling, starting an apprenticeship under their father and grandfather in order to one day take over La Monsieur Alphonse, the family's modest but reputable locally-crafted wand shop. His only sister, Naomi, is currently in her fifth year, but no longer at RMI; she was pulled out before Midterm of her fourth year after being accepted to the prestigious l'Ecole de Cirque de Québec, both she and their parents enthusiastic for her to follow her acrobatic talent. His youngest brother, Emile, would be a second-year, but is a Squib and so continues to attend the local Muggle school. And so Lucien finds himself this year the only Dubois at RMI - something he's relieved by, frankly. Al's the best with a wand and he's always been jealous, and Naomi's the most athletic plus teases him relentlessly, while Emile he adores but has to leave behind for reasons beyond his control. When put together, he feels a little inadequate, annoyingly outshone by their social charms and more interesting skills. This year, he figures it's his last chance to make an impression, one way or another. Maybe he can finally get a proper date. (The last girl he dated dumped him after less than a month for his sister. He's still not sure whether he feels mostly embarrassed or offended or just confused.)


School, potions, large quiet libraries, tiny quiet cafés, orderliness, formal robes, formal dances, being in control, autumn, carrot cake, younger kids.


People who are too loud in volume or enthusiasm, denim, most sports, animals in general, house-pets in specific, frivolity, his sister, Hallowe'en.


Graduate from RMI with high honours, study Chemistry at McGill, and then land a potioneering apprenticeship through the federal government. His ultimate goal is to work in potions research. As for more Personal things, he's not keen on the whole marriage deal, but he would like some kind of stable relationship, and he wants to live in a larger Francophone city.