Nylah Corbyn*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: November 7
Wand: Ash, 9" with unicorn hair


Nylah loves adventure. She is always down to try anything and rarely turns down a dare. She is outspoken, and not shy in the least bit. She loves to learn and is really interested by magic but bored by lectures; finding a way to liven them up is her favorite thing to do during classes. One of her go-to ways for livening up lectures is a round of Truth or Dare. Even though dares are fun, she's just as likely to pick truth because she likes talking about herself. She is a quick thinker, charismatic and energetic. On the other hand, she can be insensitive to other peoples' feelings and intolerant of people who think themselves smarter than her.


Nylah is biracial. Her mother is of African American heritage and her father is white. She has curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes that narrow whenever she observes any amount of rudeness.


Nylah is from Janesville, Wisconsin. Her family is the definition of "midwestern". She has spent many nights eating Smores out among the stars with the neighborhood kids while parents sit chatting on their patios. Nylah is an only child, but she makes up for that with her thirty cousins. Her family is lower-middle class. Both her parents are Muggles and she is the first to be magical that either of her parents can remember.


Meeting new people. At home Nylah has a big variety of people she can always hang out with, and she misses that!


Sitting quietly in lectures (booooring). Also, snakes. Snakes are the worst and she hates them so much.


Nylah joined the Drama Club in first year and she hopes to be really involved with it. She hasn't ever done musical theatre before but it seems like so much fun. She also wants to learn as much as she can about magic - the "actually doing it" part, not all the theory necessarily. She might try to join the Dueling Club next year.