Arthur Bennett


Written By Vedika

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Arthur is generally a very relaxed person; he strongly believes that life will work out at the end of the day and that there's no point in worrying in the meanwhile. This attitude has served him well in his career, giving him the cool head necessary for handling tempestuous plants and magical creatures both in controlled and wild environments. At the same time, Arthur's enthusiasm and passion for his work is plain to see, and he has been known to unintentionally go off on tangents during lessons, occasionally keeping students well after class was supposed to end. Though his stubbornness can lead to arguments, particularly with his family, Arthur is almost always in a good mood otherwise.


At 5'6" Arthur is quite short and has a lean build. His brown hair has a penchant for sticking out at odd angles despite his best efforts to tame it, and his face is dusted with freckles. His blue eyes are covered by thick glasses that are constantly slipping down his nose. Arthur sports a year-round tan due to the amount of time he spends outdoors and in the greenhouses. Unafraid of handling the plants and creatures in his care, his arms and legs are often covered in scratches.


Arthur was born in Denver and spent his childhood there before going to California for college, where he was roommates with Gaston Munro, one of RMI's former Headmasters. Arthur majored in Herbology and specialized in the study of rare and mythic plants. After finishing his studies he was given a scholarship to study rare magical plants in South East Asia. The paper written on that research was well regarded and Arthur soon found himself employed as a researcher at a university in New York. After a few years he became tired of city life and leapt at the opportunity to work at RMI when Gaston asked him to teach Herbology and act as Draco HoH in T14. Arthur quickly moved back to Denver and met Marissa Toladaeri, RMI's previous librarian, the summer before T14. They fell in love quickly and were married right before the start of term. Marissa became pregnant a few months later and gave birth to a son, Ben, right before T15. At the end of the school year Arthur left RMI to lead a research expedition to Kazakhstan in search for the legendary Vegetable Lamb of Tartary on behalf of the University of Arizona. Though the expedition was unsuccessful, it marked the beginning of Arthur's interest in magical creatures. He continued traveling and doing research for the University but when Marissa became pregnant again they both agreed it was time to settle down. Arthur applied and was accepted to the University of Washington where he completed a PhD in Magizoobotany while simultaneously working as a professor at the school. A year into his program, Marissa gave birth to a daughter, Avery. Arthur continued teaching in Washington after his program ended, but when he heard RMI was looking for a herbology professor he contacted Headmaster Bonilla and presented a curriculum for Magizoobotany. Shortly afterwards he was offered the position. Arthur has always wanted to research magical plants and creatures in his native Colorado and is excited to pursue that dream while at RMI.