Alice Lemont*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: August 13
Wand: Cherry & unicorn hair


Alice has inherited both her mother's musical talent and shyness. She greatly appreciates praise, but blushes easily, especially when complimented. She has a well-developed sense of humor, which is (unfortunately, in the opinion of some, especially her older sister) heavily inspired by puns but only shared with her close friends. She is a good listener, especially in one-on-one settings, and finds it easy to find the right thing to say to cheer up an unhappy friend. She tends to withdraw in large crowds. Alice is polite to house elves whenever she sees them around the school. When Alice gets into an argument, she is usually the first to apologize, preferring peace and friendship over all else. Alice lacks any particular skill for wandwork and will attempt to avoid spellcasting whenever possible. She finds Professor Estelle Blair intimidating, although she enjoys her class.


Alice has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is on the pudgy side, which her mother attributes to baby fat Alice has not yet lost (and, at this point, is unlikely to lose). Thanks to input from her aunts in the wizarding fashion industry, she dresses in a way which flatters her frame, and tends toward dresses, leggings, and decorative scarves. She always wears her school robes, but has embellished all of her robes with hand embroidery in various colors and patterns.


Alice Hyana Lemont is the second daughter of RMI graduates Gabriel "Tripp" Lemont and Dawn Silverleaf; her father is a wandmaker and her mother an opera singer. The pureblood family lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Alice frequently interacted with the family's house elves Nissa, Lindy, and Cartier while growing up, and misses them almost as much as she misses her parents and youngest sister Daphne. Her parents use the nicknames "shooting star" or "little star" for her. She gets along with her sister Rosemarie Lemont, but sometimes considers her a tagalong to her and the oldest Lemont sister, Kateri. As a result, Alice and Kateri occasionally make excuses to ditch Rosemarie when they want to to do "big sister things" together. Alice is a member of the Drama Club. She has a high soprano voice, which she has received voice lessons to train since the age of six. Her acting is inhibited by her shy personality, which she has been trying to overcome.


Singing, baked goods, her friends (Marley Chapman, Skylar Kimmel, Annie Ehrenstein), Cultural Studies


Spellcasting, wandwork, being compared to her sisters, arguments, conflict


Alice aspires to a career in archaeology or anthropology. She would also like to get married and have children, but not for a while.