Arsinoe Vasilakis*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: April 18
Wand: Walnut, 8 3/4", with a sliver of hippocampus bone


Arsionoe's mother likes to call her a counselor-in-training. She is the eldest among her siblings and cousins and often the peacekeeper of her family. She has spent more time listening to other children and resolving problems on the playground during recess than chasing after a ball or other toys (or boys, for that matter). She dislikes conflict, which is why she will jump in to help resolve it. However, she's not good at resolving her own conflicts; people don't tend to have a problem with her, and that's great, but it means that when she does get in an argument, she isn't completely sure what to do and would prefer to just avoid it if possible. On a day to day basis, Arsinoe is very quiet until she feels passionate about something. Then she becomes loud and opinionated. She doesn't try to force her opinion, just express it, but sometimes it comes off wrong.


Arsinoe has long black hair that goes down to her waist. She always keeps it braided or pulled into a bun. She wears mostly dresses, but does own a few pants and shirts. She has oval hazelnut-brown eyes and olive skin.


Arsionoe is a first-generation American. Her Muggle parents moved from Greece to the suburbs outside Chicago thirteen years ago. Since then, every year it seems that new relatives join them in America. Most live in their small neighborhood. Arsionoe grew up in this large, loving community frequently going to big family gatherings. Since she was ten, Arisonoe has been a vegetarian, much to the chagrin of her very traditional family. She has tried to convince her little sisters Berenice and Charmion to give up meat too, but with no success so far.


Being in AgriClub and helping out in the gardens, and occasionally drawing little sketches of the different plants. Arsinoe also likes writing letters the old-fashioned way - which is lucky, because her cousins know she's at boarding school but not magic school, so they aren't surprised to receive handwritten letters from her now. (She frequently writes letters home, as she gets worried about how her younger relatives will resolve all their bickering without her!)


Conflict of any sort, at least when it's about her. If other people are having an argument she's always happy to help, and will involve herself voluntarily, but if she feels someone is trying to start an argument with her, she prefers to hide from it as long as possible.