Avi Koprowski*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: July 25
Wand: Spruce, 9 1/4" with salamandar skin


Avi is a studious boy who enjoys books and solidary pursuits, like building Gundam models. (But he's not one of those obsessed anime nerds.) He is meticulous about keeping his school notes in perfect condition and his room even neater. Both his bed and his roommates' beds are always made perfectly before he leaves for breakfast each morning. Avi enjoys being around people but can come off as a bit of a know-it-all. He clears his throat a lot and often says "Ah, actually," before stating a fact.


Avi has light mousy brown hair that he keeps in a ruler-straight part on the left side. He wears horned rimmed glasses that hide his hazel eyes. He always wears slacks and nice dress shirts. His outfits tend to wear hand-me-downs from his cousins, but a sprinkle of new clothes have been sent with him to school. He owns two pairs of shoes, both dress shoes, one brown and one black. He's a thin boy and on the shorter side.


Avi is from Tykocin, Poland, a town with a large sect of Jewish wizards. Avi lives in an intergenerational house: his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all live in a tall house built upwards whenever they need more space. Their family is upper-middle class, but live very frugally. Avi is the eldest child of his generation and the first ever to be sent to a boarding school. If life at RMI goes well, then more Koprowskis will follow, either to RMI or other IWCE schools. Much of Avi's family uses English at home, so he doesn't speak with much of an accent any more. He sometimes forgets simple words though and has to find a way to hide it before anyone realizes he doesn't know what... that thing... is called.


Avi appreciates cleanliness, order, and calm in all aspects of life. He does like getting recognized when he does things well or when he makes a good comment in class, though.


Being seen as unintelligent. He also doesn't like being left completely alone - even when he's focused on schoolwork or his models, he would prefer to have friends nearby, perhaps working on their own projects in companiable silence.