Diego Bonilla-Estevez*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: December 12
Wand: Larch, 8 1/2" with a centaur tailhair


Diego Bonilla-Estevez loves to make people smile. He loves to be in center stage and to find people looking at him adoringly. Unfortunately, he cannot sing or act, but he can tell jokes! Diego likes to find humor even in the darkest times, and sometimes inappropriate times.


Diego has short, straight black hair that he keeps in bed head chic style. The first year has a diamond-shaped face, grey deep-set eyes, and thin eyebrows. He has a snub nose and rosebud mouth that is quick to turn into a wide smile or a deep frown. Diego is a little shorter than average and has a slim build. He prefers to wear casual clothes and is often untidy in his appearance.


Diego is the youngest child of a former RMI Headmaster, [[Reynaldo Bonilla]], and his wife, Maricela. He was born while his papa was the Deputy Headmaster at [[La Escuela]]. It wasn't until Reynaldo left the Headmaster role at RMI that the family finally lived anywhere else but schools he worked at. After leaving RMI, the Bonilla clan settled down in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. Diego is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English from a young age. His parents now run a tutoring business together. Unlike his siblings, who went to La Escuela, Diego was sent to RMI. This is due to his interest in Animagi, as they knew it was one of few schools offering Animagus classes.


Animals and the idea that one day he could turn into an animal! Diego likes to bring joy to people, so he's hoping he would be a fun type of animal, like an macaque or a parrot.


Growing up living in different schools was all that Diego knew until they moved to a real house in San Sebastián. He likes their home now, and having to move back to a school without the rest of his family feels a bit weird.