Bethel Anderson*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: June 6
Wand: Cottonwood, 8 3/4" with dragon claw


Beth comes off serious, but she's a free spirit. She understands what's expected of her and will commit to a task when needed, but always looks for flexibility to go off-script and make it her own, even if it's in small ways like writing her opinions into essays instead of just the facts. Expressing her opinion in general is really important to her, and she believes everyone should say what they really think. Stubborn about this to a fault, Beth is not one to let go when she suspects someone is hiding something. She is also not the best at breaking bad news delicately or criticizing others in a gentle way.


Beth is a tall, gangly girl. Her straight straw-blonde hair is cut in a shoulder length bob with a thick fringe that touches the top of her glasses, although sometimes she fastens her bangs to the side with bobby pins instead. She has extremely pale skin, and always wears a jacket or some other form of long sleeves to prevent sunburn when she's outside. Her teeth are a bit crooked but that doesn't stop her from grinning when in a good mood.


Beth has no idea who her birth parents are, why they gave her up, or why they named her "Bethel". If she ever has the opportunity to meet them, she would like to ask them all of those questions, especially about her name, as it's been super inconvenient having to always correct the spelling on school attendance lists. She spent her very early years in the Kansas foster system before being adopted by the Andersons - an older couple with two previously-adopted sons. Since then, she's had a pretty great childhood living on their plot of land outside Wichita. They manage an apple orchard, which they sell both as fruit and juice at local farmer's markets. Her oldest brother taught her how to drive the tractor a couple years ago and sometimes she sneaks it out (as sneakily as you can move a tractor) on back roads to visit friends in the area. When that fails, well, the benefit of farm life is that all she needs to do is stick an apple in her pocket and hop the fence, and she's good to go. Her parents are pretty relaxed: as long as she helps with the work and gets home in time for dinner, what she does in between is up to her.


Beth prefers to write in all-caps as she finds it easier to read (which might mean she just needs a stronger eyeglass prescription, but that's a problem for another day). She is a member of AgriClub, which she joined mostly out of a sense of obligation, but she does enjoy it and puts the effort in. She also likes spending time with her friends without any scheduled activities - she's a big fan of just walking around aimlessly while talking about whatever's going on in their lives.


She prefers to just go by Beth, and will protest if her teachers call her by her full name.