Trystan Janzen*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: May 21
Wand: Elm, 9 1/2" with Veela hair


Trystan is a very relaxed guy. Just super chill, and chill with everyone else. He would like to be known as a friend of the world, although this may be hampered by his equal interest in telling others how they, too, can be friends of the world. Trystan often feels disconnected from modern society and speaks longingly of the "old days", although whether he means ten years ago or a hundred is unclear. He refers to himself as an empath.


Trystan is of average height and over-average weight, but it's fine, because he's going to start working out next week. (He recently let himself be persuaded to join the Cetus Quidditch team because they were short players - he's always one for public service - so now he's definitely going to start working out, like, for real this time.) He always layers two or more shirts of varying lengths, preferably a boxy tee with a solid-coloured long-sleeved underneath, which are then always tucked in and belted snugly. His jeans are cuffed, one higher than the other, which is meant to look unintentional. One day, he's going to get dreadlocks - it won't be cultural appropriation because of how much he respects Black culture. (His best friend from back home is Black, and he even knows to capitalize it!) Until then, his shaggy blonde hair is normally stuffed in a beanie or, on the right occasion, a fedora.


Trystan hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 'Peg is a pretty cool place to live. There's a diner down the road from their house that has a coin-operated jukebox, and do you really need more reasons than that? His parents are both Muggles, who run a cold-pressed juice business out of their garage. He has an older sister named Kerrigan, who's also a Muggle, and has a side hustle selling handmade jewelry at her high school. As the first in their family to have magic and travel out-of-country, Trystan figures he's basically an entrepreneur like the rest of them, just without the money. More of a social entrepreneur, which is better.


Trystan is a vegan and also gluten-free, for vaguely defined health reasons. Because he was raised on cold-pressed juice, that's still the only thing he drinks - he doesn't want to disrupt his system. He isn't in any clubs right now, although he wants to start a drum circle at RMI, and is actively trying to recruit new members. He greets people by complimenting their energy and offers support when they seem lower than normal, which happens often. He can help, really. Are you sure you're fine? Have you ever tried drumming? It's a natural medicine.


Speaking of medicine, it should be known that the Janzen family are all proud anti-vaxxers, including Trystan. Vaccines are unnatural, and if that means some people die from disease, well, that's just the cycle of life. He can't apologize for telling the truth. Don't take it personally; just treat your body right, and it will take care of you.


Seeing an opportunity after the poisoning of Drew Tennant, Trystan started circulating a petition around RMI for the greenhouses to include cannabis. Strictly for health reasons, of course. It's supposed to help balance the immune system!