Sawyer Mercer*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 03/31
Wand: Rosewood, eight and three-quarters inches long with a kraken beak core


The word to describe Sawyer Mercer is "focused". He gets very focused on things: school, friendships, hobbies. When people interrupt his focus, they usually find themselves on the wrong end of a very deliberate, nasty stare. He prioritizes school, since he's very ambitious and wants to go into medicine as a career, but when he commits to something he gives 110%. His close friends are very close, but he keeps his distance from most other people - he grew up without much contact with other children, and doesn't necessarily think that attending a boarding school is an improvement on that situation.


Brown hair, brown eyes, average height, and with skin that is neither particularly dark nor particularly pale, Sawyer is the kind of person who could get away with robbery because nobody would be able to name any distinguishing features about him. People rarely look twice at Sawyer and he's usually perfectly fine with that. He wears t-shirts and jeans with sneakers most of the time, but isn't fond of graphic tees or bold designs.


Sawyer grew up in New York City. His parents divorced when he was very young and his father received sole custody during the divorce. As Sawyer has grown up, his biological mother has become less and less involved in his life, particularly after his father remarried, to one Alissa Kendrick, when he was 9. He doesn't particularly miss seeing his mother as much as he used to, which he feels like he should feel guilty about but doesn't. Neither his father nor his stepmother are particularly close to their families, so Sawyer grew up very much as an only child, with not a whole lot of contact with his cousins. He has found it very odd to be at school with the cousins he barely knows, and still isn't really sure how to handle that situation. He also vaguely knows some other RMI students from before RMI, because they dance at the same studio, but was and is not particular friends with any of them.


Helping people is a big motivator of Sawyer's, and he's excited at the prospect of doing a Healing internship when he's older. He also really enjoys dancing and music, although he can't carry a tune to save his life.


Sawyer dislikes people who cheat or benefit from things that they didn't earn. He also dislikes cleaning up after people who suffer from a lack of attention to detail. Being an only child with little interaction with other children, he is often intolerant of other peoples' quirks, especially when they interrupt him studying.


Sawyer wants to be a Medi-Wizard when he grows up.