Annie Ehrenstein*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: December 7
Wand: Sycamore & kelpie hair


Annie is a cheerful girl with a sunny disposition. She really loves doing things to make people feel good about themselves, and particularly loves being pen-pals with people. She currently has seven pen-pals from all around the world, with whom she corresponds regularly. The letters between her and her pen-pals are often decorated with stickers and little drawings made of bright colors. The Draco has an inherently curious nature; her parents sometimes joke that her first word was "why". Due to her upbringing in a small, largely Muggle town, Annie has a great affinity for and strong loyalty to her family. When Annie is very excited about something, she has a tendency to bounce on the balls of her feet and bring her hands to her face. When she is working on assignments or focusing on note-taking in class, she usually leans her head against her right hand, as she is left-handed.


Brown, slightly wavy hair bound into low pigtails is Annie Ehrenstein's typical look. She enjoys wearing skirts (always that reach at least to her knees) and blouses with ruffles on them. Her eyes are as brown as her hair. With unfortunately thick eyebrows, Annie often looks like she is scowling, which can provide a strange contrast with the smile that is usually on her face. Annie only owns white socks.


Greding, in Bavaria, Germany is Annie's hometown. She grew up in one of the few magical families in Greding, which is predominantly Roman Catholic and not particularly friendly towards signs of witchcraft. Annie has one little brother who has yet to display signs of magic, although since she is a halfblood (her mother is a Muggle), that would not be entirely surprising. Annie is particularly close to her paternal grandmother. Due to her parents' intention to send her to RMI - of which her father is a graduate - they insisted she learn English at a very early age.


Opera, letter-writing, art, finding the perfect greeting card to send someone, the Drama Club, animals


Her eyebrows (why do they look so angry?), people who cheat in class (she WILL report you!), the animosity between wizards and Muggles, snakes


Write an epistolary novel, perform onstage, become an advocate for animal rights.