Skylar Kimmel*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 10 February
Wand: Larch & sphynx hair


Skylar is a clever girl who always wants to outsmart everyone around her. She doesn't succeed quite as often as she thinks she does, but definitely isn't bad at it. Wordplay and puns are some of her favorite things, and when she's old enough to actually understand Shakespeare she will be a massive fan. She has a fairly big ego for someone her age and often speaks knowledgeably about things she actually knows little about. Despite that, Skylar is overall a well-intentioned person and rarely wishes anyone harm, although she does have the ability to hold a grudge.


With darker skin than most of her classmates, Skylar sometimes feels like the odd one out. Her hair is black and relatively unmanageable without the vigorous application of spells and products, so she keeps it relatively short and lets it puff out like a halo around her head. This is a decision that her parents aren't particularly happy about, but since the Aquila spends most of her year at school, they don't have a lot of say over what she does on a daily basis. Her eyes are a deep brown. She usually wears bright colors, either in robes or Muggle clothes, and her sneakers are a hot pink that makes some people wince.


The Kimmel family lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where there is a healthy magical community. Skylar is a pureblood and attended a magical day school until she was old enough to attend RMI. She is an only child, although she still wants her parents to give her a little brother or sister. The Kimmels have compromised by giving her an orange tabby cat that she named Sasha. Skylar's childhood was relatively uneventful.


Music (whistling and humming count!), skipping, bright colors, puns


Sleekeazy's Hair Potion, being the center of attention


Learn to play an instrument (she really has her eye on the hammer dulcimer, but saxophones are cool too!)