Dardanius Dubois


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Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: September 18th


Dardanius, who prefers to be known as Danny, is generally content, relaxed and happy-go-lucky, yet he can overthink scenarios that cause him stress, and he has been known to focus too much on future responsibilities, forgetting to live in the present. He likes to laugh and make others laugh, and revels in being the centre of attention. He has a tendency to get carried away and can come across as obnoxious or arrogant, but he doesn’t usually mean to cause harm or offence. He will rarely instigate confrontation, preferring to solve problems passively and without violence. He is intelligent but lazy in his work so doesn’t always achieve as much as he could. Conversely, he is highly competitive, which sometimes counterbalances his laziness. Danny is far more interested in having a good time than making any great achievements. His family is rich and respectable and he is happy to rest on those laurels. He is Quidditch Captain and Chaser for Lyra’s team, mostly for the attention and prestige this earns; enjoying the sport is a secondary consideration, yet Danny is drawn to energetic physical activities, including Quidditch, running and swimming. He is also Prefect for his House, which perhaps reflects his general tendency to follow the rules (with the singular exception of regular attendance at Marissa Kendrick’s parties).


Although he has yet to reach his eventual height of 5’11”, Danny is pleased that he is no longer shorter than all of his classmates. With skin that is paler in the winter but tanned golden in the summer months, Danny has brown hair worn just long enough to be constantly untidy, and brown eyes. He thinks he is reasonably attractive, with the awkwardness of adolescence receding from his features with satisfying results, and his commitment to physical activity is evident in his athletic physique. He is reticent to put any effort into his everyday appearance, so usually just throws on jeans and over-priced t-shirts; he likes to wear bright or neon colors, just because that’ll usually make him stand out more.


Dardanius is the oldest child and only son of Ivy Dubois (née Tallow), previous Cetus student at Rocky Mountain International. His maternal grandmother is from a traditional pureblood family that is overtly opposed to Muggles and Muggleborns, while his paternal ancestors emigrated from France to Louisiana; Dardanius and his younger sister, Claudia, have resided since birth in their family home in New Orleans. Danny has been brought up with good principles, unrealistic ideals, and a tendency to get bored easily.


His friends and family, being the center of attention


Violence, people touching his food


To uphold his family's expectations