Amy Chang*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 24 January
Wand: Ginkgo & zouwu hair


Amy has always had a big personality and enjoyed attention, much to the disapproval of her grandparents and resigned acknowledgment of her parents. She is extremely creative and has a great imagination. This has resulted in her unfortunate penchant to exaggerate personal stories and circumstances for her audience's entertainment. To that end, Amy is actually a very good storyteller and really enjoys putting on puppet shows based on Chinese mythology for her young cousins. She isn't the most focused person and academic pressure stresses her out, resulting in chronic perfectionism and anxiety. Growing up in a superstitious household with a modern education made Amy very skeptical about superstitions, but she also can't fully ignore them as they were so ingrained in her experience growing up.


With chin-length black hair, tan skin, and thick glasses, Amy feels like she looks like a caricature of a Chinese student. She tries to compensate by wearing fashionable clothing, but because she doesn't have much money to spare, it doesn't always work out for her. Her clothes are always meticulously cared for, and she likes wearing jewelry. Both of her ears are pierced and she likes wearing dangling earrings. Secretly, Amy wants to get her nose pierced, but she knows her parents would freak out.


Mandarin Chinese is Amy's first language, which makes sense given that she has lived in China for her entire life. Amy is not actually her given name, but she has no interest in letting anyone know what her given name is. She is an only child, but her parents both had large families growing up so she has many cousins, most of whom are significantly younger than her. Amy is a halfblood, but both sides of her family are very superstitious so a lot of her accidental magic was written off according to traditional Chinese superstitions. In her fourth year, Amy had to withdraw from a Chinese national magical school due to a nervous breakdown. After a half-term of applying all possible natural remedies, her parents decided that the best way of ensuring Amy's future success was to have her transfer to an American school. They chose RMI because they consider it to be the most academically rigorous. In order to get Amy permission from the government to enroll at RMI, her parents had to grease a few palms. Therefore, despite the idea that going to RMI was going to reduce Amy's levels of stress, she is actually feeling more pressure knowing her parents' sacrifices.


Getting straight Os, storytelling, thrift stores, Chinese New Year, turtles


Letting her family down, people who say "you're such an Aquarius!" to explain her behavior, people who get all superstitious about the number 4


Amy would like to graduate from RMI with straight Os on her IMPs and get accepted to the best magical college. She has not yet figured out what she would like to do once she's there, but that's not important.