Grant Arrington*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: March 27th
Wand: Ash, 11", centaur tail core


Being a consummate showman, Grant finds himself at the center of attention often, and enjoys it. In situations where he is not the center of attention, he will often create a scene in order to change that fact. Secretly, Grant is easily intimidated but tries not to show it, which can come across as him being particularly extroverted or boastful. He doesn't disregard other peoples' feelings, but often has a hard time understanding things from other perspectives, which can lead to him getting into heated arguments especially when he thinks he's right. Grant is not above changing the rules or conditions of something to make him seem right when he isn't. He doesn't view this as cheating, but rather considers himself smarter for being able to manipulate people and situations.


All in all, Grant looks like a fairly stereotypical American boy. He has medium-length brown hair and brown eyes, stands at about average height for his age, and often wears jeans and a relatively nondescript t-shirt. He has a scar on his left knee from when he tripped and fell while trying to do a jump with a skateboard when he was nine. He'll wear robes when he's expected to, most of the time, but when Grant thinks he can get away with it he will definitely eschew robes for something more practical and comfortable.


Grant is the only child of a fairly well-off Muggle family in New Jersey. He lives close enough to New York City to go there frequently, but far enough away that he is definitely not (as he will tell anyone who listens, loudly) a New Yorker. His childhood has involved not-infrequent visits to Broadway; he has seen classics such as Guys and Dolls, Lion King, and Sweeney Todd, but is also not unaware of new work. He was a child model and did work for Oshkosh B'Gosh, as well as a couple of commercials for laundry detergent. Grant has also appeared in the ensemble of Peter Pan and Oliver!, among others, in his local community theater. In the year before he came to RMI, he was cast both as Chip in Beauty and the Beast, and Gavroche in Les Miserables. For his first two years of school, Grant went to his local public school but in the third grade his parents enrolled him in a private school specifically targeted at the performing arts.


The arts in general and theater in particular are things that Grant values highly. Grant is involved in Drama Club and although he prefers to be onstage, he is also willing to work behind the scenes as long as it keeps him in the theater. He prides himself on being a socially liberal person, although in truth, he has not been exposed to much diversity due to the area of New Jersey he grew up in and his private schooling.


There is an unusually heated rivalry between Grant and Huburt Park that started in their first year on the first day of class in Cultural Studies when Huburt made a claim about Muggle public schools that Grant disagreed with. Professor Blair had to break up the argument and the boys have been enemies since.