Ella Franklin*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: January 7th
Wand: Cedar, 7 and three quarter inches, veela hair core


Being good at things was never a particular talent of Ella's, but what she doesn't have in skill she makes up in loyalty to friends and family. Ella is a good listener and can offer good advice most of the time; she absorbs more information from her surroundings than one might expect. She is an avid reader, although slow at it, and enjoys school quite a bit, although she finds it challenging. Since her sister Jessica seems to be effortlessly good at anything she tries to do, it would be easy for Ella to be discouraged but she is determined and an ardent optimist. She believes that she should try to be the best she can be, and encourages others to strive for the same.


Like her older sister, Ella has dark skin and brown eyes. Unlike her sister, Ella prefers to keep her hair natural, often neatly bunched at the back of her head. She likes wearing skirts and dresses, but is just as frequently found wearing jeans and a well-loved hoodie. Ella has both of her ears pierced and usually wears small gold studs in them, although when she dresses up she often chooses something a little fancier. When at school, Ella always wears her robes when she's supposed to, even if those around her do not.


There was some concern about whether or not Ella was a witch. She didn't exhibit accidental magic until she was relatively old, and even then her accidental magic was inconsistent and not always easily discerned as magic rather than circumstance. This was especially concerning since the Franklins are prominent members of the wizarding community in Harlem. Zora Franklin, Ella's mother, (named after author Zora Neale Hurston) has her own small business making customized clothing for witches and wizards with useful things like infinite pockets. Hakim Franklin, Ella's father, is a patent lawyer who works with both wizards and Muggles. Aside from being a bit of a late bloomer, Ella's childhood was pretty normal: she helped take care of her younger siblings, looked up to her older sister, and sometimes (not frequently) got in trouble for shenanigans around the neighborhood. Ella is dyslexic.


Ella is passingly interested in theater, and would sign up for a show if her friends suggested she should. Ella has picked up her older sister Jessica's habit of asking people strange questions, seemingly at random and at inconvenient or uncomfortable times. She believes that everyone deserves a first, second, third, (and maybe fourth) chance, no matter what they've done. The Draco is also of the opinion that hard work can overcome any obstacle and that it's the key to having a happy life. Since she grew up in Harlem, Ella hasn't had much exposure to nature and is interested in joining Agricultural Club.


Echoing her sister's disapproval of violence, she is not interested in Dueling Club.