Grace Ann Morris*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: June 21st
Wand: Birch, ten inches, kraken beak core


Grace Ann's upbringing has resulted in her being very sheltered from a lot of knowledge about the bad things in the world and she consequently often believes the best of everyone. However, she has always felt a little bit like she doesn't fit in, and so she does her best to get as much positive attention as possible. This can result in her (sometimes intentionally) taking credit for other peoples' accomplishments when she can get away with it, or shoving them out of the spotlight if she feels threatened. She is not particularly reserved and can bet a little bit of a chatterbox. As extroverted as Grace Ann tends to appear in the company of people she doesn't know well, she is actually happier staying in with a book, film, or board game than going out to a social.


Tall for her age, Grace Ann always wears pants because she feels like shorts make her legs look too long. She has mostly grown out of her baby fat, although her cheeks are still a little chubby for her liking. Frilly blouses and floral headbands that keep her chin-length black hair out of her eyes are Grace Ann's go-tos every morning, although she sometimes prefers to clip her hair back using colorful barettes.


Jenn and Phil Morris are socially active Christians who, in their younger years, spent a fair amount of time on mission trips. During one such mission trip, to South Korea, they fell in love with a baby girl. Several thousand dollars and some red tape later, they took home the baby, who they named Grace Ann. This happened twice more: Matthias James, two years younger than Grace Ann, was adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage and Asher Emmanuel, three years younger than Grace Ann, was adopted from the Dominican Republic. Since neither of her adoptive parents are Korean, Grace Ann knew fairly early on that she was adopted. Growing up in the predominantly white suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska was a little uncomfortable for Grace Ann, although she went to primary school with a number of children from her family's church, many of whom were also adopted on mission trips. They raised all three children to be very involved in the church community and still participate in shorter mission trips as a family over the holiday breaks. The summer before RMI, the Morris family went to Greece, where they painted houses and helped teach children basic hygiene skills. Overall, Jenn and Phil took the explanation for the strange things Grace Ann did as a child (toys that were previously broken repairing themselves, unwanted vegetables disappearing only to reappear in the trash can) well, believing that her magic is just another special talent given to their daughter by God. They are excited for Grace Ann to go to school and meet other children like her, and have encouraged her to focus on the good she can do in the world with her studies. Despite coming from a very religious family, Grace Ann doesn't consider it a defining part of her identity. There are some things about growing up in a Christian community that she might find it odd to hear that others have not experienced, but although she does share her family's beliefs, she does so less fervently. As the sort of person who hums loudly and thinks out loud, Grace Ann can be a little annoying to sit next to in classes. She is also the sort of person who will (very sincerely) tell other people who experience injury or discomfort that she will pray for them. Before meals, she takes a moment to give thanks.


Colorful barettes, floral patterns, people who listen.


Confrontational classmates, shorts.