Malachi Crenton*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 17 April
Wand: Ash & fwooper feather


Malachi is an eloquent speaker, and combines this talent with his easy confidence to dominate debates in class. He seeks approval from others on most of his decisions, and calculates his actions accordingly. He is a master of the humblebrag. Above all, Malachi is interested in improving his status in whatever context he's in, whether that's at RMI or in pureblood society back home. Malachi keeps up with current events and receives multiple newspapers from around the country by owl post daily. He is not interested in writing for Rocky Voices but frequently submits corrections or letters to the editor.


Malachi has good posture and is easily one of the taller students in his year besides. He wears his medium-length blond hair in a pompadour fade style. He has blue eyes, straight teeth, and a strong-bridged nose. He never wears jeans, and generally dresses more neatly than most boys his age. He never forgets to wear his robes outside of the Draco Common Room.


Malachi is a pureblood from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His family is well-off and can trace their ancestry back to Columbus' party on the Santa Maria. Prior to coming to RMI, Malachi attended the Lake Michigan School of Magic. While completing a project on IWCE affiliate schools, Malachi learned about RMI's Cultural Studies program and decided to transfer, as LMS only offers Muggle Studies and he found the Cultural Studies course more compelling. That he is now, academically, a bigger fish in a smaller pond certainly doesn't hurt.


Winning arguments, explaining things to other people, praise, white chocolate, reading memoirs


Being interrupted, wrinkled clothes, dogs, identity politics


Malachi aspires to a career in government.