Joshua Kwegyir-Aggrey*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 7 August
Wand: Acacia & nundu hair


Although it drives his parents and teachers crazy, Joshua is known for trying to find the cleverest way that involves the least amount of work out of every problem he encounters. He is rarely sarcastic or mean, but he is a funny boy who likes making jokes. He wasn't popular in his last school, but knows how to make friends with exactly the right people to keep his social boat afloat while also keeping up relationships with people he genuinely likes. As an only child, Joshua doesn't have a lot of experience with younger kids and prefers to avoid them when possible. Overall, Joshua is good-natured and only rarely gets angry. Joshua always reads out loud to himself as he is going through his notes, making him less than an ideal study partner for some people.


Joshua has medium-brown skin, blue eyes, and hair that he keeps short enough to be manageable without much effort. He secretly likes dressing in the clothes traditional to his mother's people, but isn't inclined to do so in mixed company because he has been warned about how some Europeans and Americans react to that sort of thing. European wizarding clothing is uncomfortable for Joshua, and he prefers to wear neat khakis and a button-down shirt most of the time, although he will wear jeans if he is likely to get his clothes messy.


Although he was born in a small town in northern Ghana, Joshua's parents moved to Anomabu, an important port on the Gold Coast and a tourist attraction, when he was very young. Joshua's mother is a member of the Akan people and has lived most of her life in Anomabu, barring a brief stint in the North where she met his father, a Dutch historian specializing in African colonization. Although Joshua's mother speaks fluent Twi and his father speaks fluent Dutch, Joshua was raised predominantly English-speaking. Both of his parents are magical. He attended the local mixed magic-Muggle school for his basic education (which lasts from ages 4-15 in Ghana) and received his BECE with top marks. Rather than going to secondary school in Ghana, Joshua convinced his parents to let him attend Rocky Mountain International, which he picked largely due to a fascination with American Westerns - although he told his parents it was because of RMI's academic reputation. Both of his parents were reluctant to let Joshua leave home and attend school in America, but recognized that an IWCE school would provide him with more connections and opportunities for his future than any school in Ghana. Agricultural Club holds some interest to Joshua, but he has mixed feelings about Quidditch and Dueling Club. He immediately joined Rocky Voices after pitching a column spotlighting different events in RMI's history.


African History, Westerns, the concept of horses, reviewing questions after the exam, schoolwork (especially History of Magic), Akan clothing


Being paired up with younger students in class, violence of any kind


Joshua would like to learn to ride a horse someday. Meeting a horse would also just be fantastic.