Huburt Park*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 1 September
Wand: Elm & knarl quill


Huburt is a very solemn, serious person with a very firm belief in what is right (attending to one's education, following rules) and what is wrong (straying from the path of a good student, being rude, etc.). He is often the first person to put their hand up in class to answer a question, not necessarily to show off but because that is the behavior expected of him. The young wizard has a difficult time understanding that others are not as academically-minded as he is, and has been known to lecture his classmates on the importance of participating in class if he feels they have been negligent. Aside from his adherence to school rules, Huburt is also passionate about sharing his knowledge and has been known to trap fellow students in twenty minute explorations on color morphing in nifflers if they aren't careful. His tendency to talk over people, particularly when he thinks he is right and they are wrong (so, frequently) is one of Huburt's more annoying habits.


With tan skin, almond eyes, and short, straight black hair, Huburt looks 'stereotypically Korean,' as he would phrase it. He usually wears polo shirts in varying colors but if he can get away with it will wear shorts and flip-flops instead of long pants and shoes that could be considered more appropriate. Of course, at RMI Huburt is rarely found without his school robes. As a teen, he has become tall and gangly.


The Park family moved to the United States from South Korea several years before Huburt was born. He is an only child and his parents' pride and joy. Since his parents are Muggles, it was a great shock to them to find out that their son had some sort of magical power - initially, they thought it was a trick or some sort of cult. Once convinced of the legitimacy of Huburt's invitation to RMI, they immediately decided as a family that it would be best for him to go. Huburt's parents have always advocated for education as the road to success, and the family determined that magical education was no exception.


Answering questions, salad without dressing, teaching others


Prejudice, Grant Arrington, Connor Farnon, wasting time


Huburt would like to get a doctorate - or whatever wizarding equivalent he is certain must exist - and go into academia.