Yazmin Al-Lehaibi*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 10 October
Wand: Pine & Veela hair


As the youngest child of four, Yazmin developed a mischievous streak early on and it has served her well. She isn't one for big pranks, but little tricks played on friends and family are a staple of her life. Aside from her hobby of wreaking minor havoc at every turn, Yazmin is very logically minded. She enjoys puzzles and has a strong sense of spatial analysis - Tetris is her favorite game. Overall, Yazmin could be considered ambitious in that she enjoys achievement, but she wouldn't consider herself ambitious because success is not a driving factor for her. Although she isn't particularly pushy about her personal beliefs, Yazmin does judge the girls around her for acting immodestly or paying too much attention to boys. She doesn't always say so out loud, but her personal demeanor does not lend itself well to concealing her opinions. Yazmin is the sort of person who chews on her writing implement while she thinks, a most unfortunate habit for a witch who uses a feather quill more often than not.


Yazmin is tall for her age but not exceptionally so. She has straight black hair, darker skin, and almond-shaped brown eyes with flecks of gold in them. She usually wears brightly patterned shirts with long or three-quarters-length sleeves, and always wears jeans or other slacks. When she is in mixed company, she wears a hijab, of which she has many in many different colors.


Born in Iraq, Yazmin was three years old when her family decided to move to the United States due to the social pressure that occurred due to her father's somewhat controversial career as an interpreter. The family ended up settling down on the outskirts of Chicago. Yazmin's parents are both observant Muslims and Muggles, as are her three older sisters. Yazmin began exhibiting accidental magic around the time she started kindergarten, and when her mother mentioned Yazmin's odd accidents in passing to one of her brothers, he revealed that he was also a wizard and subsequently took Yazmin under his wing. She is consequently very close to her two female cousins who are also witches. Although her cousins attend an all-girls school, Yazmin's parents are more progressive and decided that RMI would be appropriate for their daughter. Just before coming to RMI, Yazmin made the decision to start wearing a hijab like her cousins, and unlike her mother and sisters. She is proud of her heritage and culture, and wants everyone to understand that about her from the outset.


Writing for Rocky Voices, solving puzzles, interesting architecture, beautiful fabrics


Getting ink on her teeth, boy-crazy girls, Connor Farnon


Become a journalist.