Giovanni Carboni*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 7 July
Wand: Rowan & phoenix feather


Giovanni is loud and boisterous; although rarely ill-intentioned, he is not particularly self-aware and so often intrudes on the personal space of others. He is an extreme extrovert while also being the sort of person who feels compelled to do something every moment of the day. Busy places like the Finer Diner make Gio the most comfortable, while quiet spaces make him feel very uncomfortable, as though his skin has gone slightly too small. He is extremely tolerant of others and will go out of his way to accommodate them when he knows that accommodations are necessary, but lacks the perception to realize that sort of thing on his own. Family is extremely important to Giovanni; his bond with his sister Natalia is one of the most important things in his life. He also cares deeply about his younger siblings and above all wants to make his parents proud with what he does, even if they don't always understand it, since they are Muggles.


Since he was a small child, Giovanni has been physically larger than other boys his age. He is both taller and bulkier. He usually wears shorts, even when it's cold out, but always wears sneakers. Athletic t-shirts comprise most of Giovanni's closet and he finds robes uncomfortable because they don't fit him quite right. Whenever possible, he will avoid wearing them. Giovanni is farsighted and should wear glasses but he usually doesn't, unless he has to read something or do homework. Since he thinks that they make him look like a nerd, and since he doesn't like spending time in places like the library, Gio sometimes chooses to avoid wearing glasses in public rather than do his homework. People often think that Giovanni and Natalia are twins: like her, he has dark skin, black hair, and hazel eyes.


Just before Giovanni's older sister Natalia was born, his parents moved from a small town in Tuscany, Italy to New York City. When Natalia was only a few months old, they received the surprising news that her mother was pregnant again; Giovanni was born just ten months after she was. They have always had a closer relationship with each other than with their other siblings, of which there are four. The Carboni family is Muggle, although Natalia and Giovanni suspect that their maternal grandmother was actually a witch. Of their siblings, Margaret (Maggie) is the youngest, and the only other person in their family the siblings think might be magical. Initially, Natalia and Giovanni attended Horace G. Lubwitz Preparatory School, but after a few years their parents became concerned that a preparatory school was too high-stress and competative for the siblings. After talking things out as a family and doing some research, they decided that RMI was a better fit for them when it came to academics. Since Natalia and Giovanni attended a day school for their first two years of magical education, sleeping in dorms with roommates is still a novel concept to them.


Quidditch, cars, gadgets, his sister


People who don't do sports, being shushed, silence, the library


Giovanni hopes to popularize cars in the wizarding world so that he can magically tinker to his heart's delight.