Brynjolf Nilssen


Written By Suzanne

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Bryn is rather boisterous and rowdy in his free time. He doesn’t enjoy pranks or bullying, finding it rather impractical. Instead, Bryn just spends his time making the best of what he’s doing and making everyone else jealous while he’s doing it. While he enjoys causing a bit of chaos in the name of fun, Bryn is quite serious when it comes to learning and being attentive in his classes. He takes the important things very seriously, sometimes too seriously in his mother’s opinion. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether he’s actually serious about something he’s said or whether he just wants you to believe it.


Bryn has inherited what his father claims to be the standard Nordic appearance. Light blue eyes and an unruly mop of blonde-brown hair that has only continued to lighten as he’s gotten older frame his thin face. His ears are slightly large and it’s probably the only thing he doesn’t like about his appearance. The rest of him is rather lanky, but thankfully all proportional.


Brynjolf’s father comes from Scandanvia, a history he doesn’t much care to talk about. His mother however is from the States, which is why very little of Bryn’s accent can be heard unless he is incredibly emotional about something. He grew up as an only child until the age of five, his little sister Norah completing the family of four. Being born into a family with both parents coming from magical heritage, both children showed some form of magical powers at an early age. The family has lived in America for as long as Bryn has been alive with no plans to return to Scandinavia ever.