Natalia Carboni*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 7 September
Wand: Silver lime & phoenix feather


Natalia is a very certain person; she makes her decisions based on astrology and divinations, and is therefore confident that they are the correct ones to make. That confidence is one of her defining characteristics. She is a genuinely kind person and is the sort of friend who will bring you a bowl of soup if you are sick in bed, but isn't usually the sort of person who will stand up for her friends in an argument because she thinks that conflict disrupts the natural flow of energy. Natalia takes her education seriously, but isn't opposed to having some fun once in awhile. In general, she likes to remain calm and in harmony with her surroundings even if it means being inconvenienced. She also enjoys things that require team effort, making her one of the few people who enjoy partnering with others in class. Above everything else, Natalia believes in the occult and considers her status as a witch to be proof that things such as divinations and astral projection are real. She is very interested in astrology and will do birth charts for pretty much anyone who asks. Natalia is very athletic and plays Quidditch; her favorite position is Chaser, but she can play any position except Beater, which she considers to be too violent. As an act of commitment towards her beliefs about nonviolence, Natalia is a selective vegan (meaning that she will not eat animal products unless they have been ethically produced). Natalia is also a member of Agricultural Club.


Like her younger brother, Natalia has dark skin, black hair, and hazel eyes. Since Giovanni is so close to her in age, people commonly think they are twins rather than just close siblings. She enjoys wearing culottes in different shades and colors with looser tops. Natalia has two lobe piercings in both her ears and she prefers small, golden hoops to studs most of the time. Regardless of any weather fluctuations, Natalia usually wears sandals.


Just before Natalia was born, her parents moved from a small town in Tuscany, Italy to New York City. When Natalia was only a few months old, they received the surprising news that her mother was pregnant again. Natalia's younger brother, Giovanni, was born just ten months after she was. They have always had a closer relationship with each other than with their other siblings, of which there are four. The Carboni family is Muggle, although Natalia and Giovanni suspect that their maternal grandmother was actually a witch. Of their siblings, Margaret (Maggie) is the youngest, and the only other person in their family the siblings think might be magical. Initially, Natalia and Giovanni attended Horace G. Lubwitz Preparatory School, but after a few years their parents became concerned that a preparatory school was too high-stress and competative for the siblings. After talking things out as a family and doing some research, they decided that RMI was a better fit for them when it came to academics. Since Natalia and Giovanni attended a day school for their first two years of magical education, sleeping in dorms with roommates is still a novel concept to them. In her fourth year, Natalia Divined that her future life partner would be a woman, and decided that the Fates were leading her to become a member of the queer community. She has taken this very seriously, and spends time at the LGBT youth hang-out on Pearl Street with relative frequency.


Teamwork (it makes the dream work), Divinations, astrology (she is a classic Cancer), Pride, ethically-sourced goods, her brother.


Violence, dueling, anyone who picks on her brother


Cultivate her talents as a Seer and live a life in accordance with what the Universe tells her.