Rosemarie Lemont*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 26 April
Wand: Yellow cedar & unicorn tail hair


Like her older sister, Rosemarie is likely to participate in gossip. Unlike Kateri (who genuinely likes sharing information with people), this is due to Rosemarie's inability to keep a secret. She is similarly terrible at lying and becomes very anxious when she is expected to hide something. This nervousness usually manifests itself as a full-face blush and stuttering speech. Her belief that most people are good causes her to be credulous and slightly naive. Rosemarie assumes the best in people and is unlikely to accuse anyone of dishonesty or ill intent. She enjoys making friendship bracelets and would likely give one to anyone who befriended her. Rosemarie has lots of respect for her elders and for authority figures. She is quick to tell a professor or Prefect if she sees anyone behaving in a way that is against the rules, suspicious, or which she considers harmful. This is not done with the intention of getting anyone in trouble, but so that someone can stop it before anything bad happens. However, she tends to be gullible and would believe any explanation that sounds plausible enough. She has limited exposure to Muggles and is uncomfortable with other discussing non-magical lifestyles, but she isn't sure why.


Rosemarie has fine blonde hair, which she usually wears in two pigtails, and hazel eyes. She is fair-skinned and blushes readily, making it easy for others to tell if she is embarrassed or trying to hide something. She is one of the shortest kids in her year. She typically wears skirts and dresses underneath her school robes, and favors pastel colors (especially pinks and peaches) and floral-print items (her signature). She usually has several handmade embroidery floss bracelets on her wrists.


Rosemarie Charlotte Lemont is the third daughter of RMI graduates Tripp Lemont and Dawn Silverleaf; her father is a wandmaker and her mother an opera singer. The pureblood family lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. She has two older sisters, Kateri Lemont and Alice Lemont, and a younger sister, Daphne. Her parents use the nickname "rosebud" for her. Like both of her parents, Rosemarie is a member of Cetus House. She looks up to her older sisters, but often feels left out due to the age difference between them.


Arts and crafts, making friendship bracelets, maple butter, flowers


People breaking the rules (it gives her a stomachache), being left out, being called a blabbermouth, secrets, blushing, stuttering, getting in trouble, card games (she can't bluff)


Rosemarie wants to have lots of friends and host really fun parties.