Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birthday: 17 November
Wand: Black walnut with the whisker of a werewolf, 8 3/4"


Raised from an early age to understand his trifecta of responsibilities (being a big brother, only son, and the firstborn-slash-primary heir), Dmitry comes off in his home environment as quite a serious child with a nature that flips quickly from deferential to authoritative in the right setting - usually determined by whether his parents or little sisters are present. He doesn’t often spend time away from his immediate family, so it’s hard to know which side will come out when they’re completely absent. The only hint comes from when his uncle takes him to Quidditch matches and he spends the day jumping around and shouting at the players like an agitated drekavat.


Dmitry’s comfortable-yet-structured lifestyle is obvious from both his physical body (rounder than average) and the way he presents it (such as the always-perfectly-fitted trousers paired with polished shoes of either black or red, depending on the occasion). Nearly all his shirts have buttons; even his pyjamas button up. The exceptions are his traditional vyshyvanka, which lace at the neck, and a couple rare casual shirts strictly for athletic purposes, according to the directions he definitely adheres to when no one is watching. His light brown hair is kept short on the sides, parted at the front to create longer bangs over his forehead, and his eyes are the same shade of hazel as his mother’s.


Dmitry is the son of Lyubov Kovalchuk, the current head of the Ukrainian magical government, and Anton Rojkovsky, a prominent Russian businessman in the shipping and transportation industry. In other words, he’s high up. In other other words, his mother’s influence in having him sent to RMI for schooling (RMI being her alma mater, and the topic of many a parental debate he can’t really remember before his father reluctantly conceded) is going to be an experience he is in no way prepared for, as he hasn’t had much exposure to people of different standings. His primary education was done entirely at home through the guidance of tutors, and his social circle is limited to his parents’ associates or their children. His “free time” is usually scheduled activities outside of academia, like piano lessons or football; when he gets to choose his own adventure, he can usually be found just wandering the streets and parks of Vladivostok with his guard trailing behind. As their family home is carved into the hills over the city, he’s built a decent mental map and rarely gets lost.


Watching Quidditch, and possibly playing it (having never played before he has no idea), visiting the harbour, dogs, Artem, being in charge of his sisters, formal organized events, Chinese food


Practicing the piano, being in charge of his sisters when they are in a mood, events that are awkwardly casual, sweets


TBD. There are many expectations placed on him, but Dmitry is only starting to figure out how to distinguish outside expectations from personal ambitions.