Sarah Fischer*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birthday: May 9
Wand: Birch, 10 and 1/2 inches, unicorn hair core


Sarah is politely predictable. While curious to learn about how other people see the world, she's happiest among familiarity and likes following routines. Sarah sometimes felt "dragged along" by her older sister at home and is guiltily glad to be in a different House. She often feels a little out of place physically; while she won't do anything too athletic, she will make and commit to small goals to feel like she's doing something, such as walking around the halls for an hour.


With the gap in ages between her and her older sister Ruth, Sarah's outfits are predominantly hand-me-downs. Unfortunately, as Sarah is taller and rounder, this means her dresses almost never come down to her ankles but stop midway - something which she tried asking her mother to fix once but was told that the length was still appropriate, so hasn't asked again. Self-conscious about her ankles, which she considers "lumpy", she tries to justify wearing boots as much of the year as possible to cover them, although will deny it if asked. She has brown eyes and matching brown hair, usually worn in plaits.


Sarah was born and raised in a small, close-knit community of wizards in Maryland who practice Reconstructionist Judaism. She is the second child in a family of exclusively daughters. Like her older sister, Sarah attended a special PK-5 school run by their community before coming to RMI, so she started first-year with a basic understanding of magic. Her life has always been financially comfortable as the Fischers are upper middle-class, albeit careful not to spoil their children.


Learning more about how people at RMI can be so different from her homogeneous religious community (usually by prodding and asking questions), pasta, her hometown


Dresses that are too short, being obligated to run around or do anything sportsy, hot weather


Her first priority at RMI is to make a good friend! Preferably someone with a similar background or perspective of the world.