Jarrett Skahill*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: May 12th
Wand: Hornbeam & fire crab shell


Jarrett Skahill is the king of "big fish" stories. He over-exaggerates almost everything and every time he tells a story it gets more and more ridiculous. When he isn't telling his stories, Jarrett is a generally energetic and enthusiastic person. He dives into everything with vigor, most especially his studies, and is known for committing 100% to everything he does, from spellwork homework to Quidditch to friendship. Jarrett loves being around people and is always the first to organize a study group or cheer when a professor announces a group project. He is more than a little gullible. He is an easygoing person with relatively liberal opinions and isn't afraid to good-naturedly tell people when they are wrong. Jarrett doesn't remotely understand politics of any sort and doesn't like to talk about them. He does enjoy talking about sports of all varieties. When Jarrett is bored or needs a study break, he likes to have a mini dance party and invite everyone around him to join in. This has resulted in both friends and enemies.


Although he is fairly physically active, Jarrett is huskier than most boys his age even though his height is about average. He likes wearing longer cargo shorts and t-shirts with funny slogans on them. Jarrett has brown hair and brown eyes, and his nose is a little crooked from the time he broke it by running into a pole on his skateboard. From a similar accident, Jarrett has a scrape-like scar on his chin.


As a Boulder, Colorado local, Jarrett is familiar with Pearl Street and can't wait to be allowed to visit on his own so he can check out the nearby skate park, which he has never been able to go to alone. He has a much younger sister, who he doesn't get along with very well, and his parents are relatively laid back. Jarrett has never been allowed to go places on his own, but for most of his life his parents have been comfortable with him doing his own thing as long as he is within easy eyesight. Andrew Skahill, his father, is a halfblood wizard himself who didn't quite take to the magical world and married a Muggle artist, Ida, so it was a surprise to everyone when Jarrett got his RMI letter.


Skateboarding, X-treme sports, dancing it out, group projects, Skele-Gro (tastes bad but fixes you up in no time!)


Lecture classes, bad weather


Jarrett's life goal is to get into a book of world records.