Priyanka Ramadevi*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 27 October
Wand: Cedar & niffler hair


Priyanka thinks that knowing where you came from is incredibly important, and places a lot of emphasis on ancestry and community. She enjoys classes like Cultural Studies and History of Magic, because it helps her understand the positions and relationships of others in the wizarding world, as well as her own context in this world. Priyanka believes that people should be treated appropriately based on their station in life. All of her friends back home are girls, which leaves her a little unsure of how to interact with boys, but she is more quiet and introspective than shy. Priya is a vegetarian, and has enthusiastically joined AgriClub. She is a practicing Hindu and enjoys reading religious poetry. Because it is hard for her to concentrate in a noisy environment, she makes frequent use of the library and Cetus quiet study room, and is known to shush people who are being too loud.


Priya has thick black hair that falls to her waist. She usually wears linen clothing with decorative embroidery at the hems. She finds traditional clothing very elegant and glamorous, and is looking forward to having her half-saree ceremony. Priya loves jewelry and has an extensive collection of bangles, necklaces, and earrings, which she regularly rotates through.


Ramadevi Priyanka Saranu's family is from the kammachoudary caste within the shudra caste in Andhra Pradesh, India. Neither of her parents are magical, and the jury is still out on her four younger sisters. The Ramadevi family chose RMI for their daughter because of its international reputation and the promise that students of all social classes were treated equally at RMI.


Teaching others about vegetarianism, making family trees, poetry, bright colors and shiny jewelry


Loud/rude people, especially boys


Priya would like to write poetry, but she has never tried out of fear that it wouldn't be as good as she's hoping.