Violet Rosse*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: July 8th
Wand: Fir & pixie wing


Vi is endearingly described as “feisty” by her parents. She could also be described as a brat. The daughter of the former Aquila head of house, she’s unfortunately inherited her mother’s love of mischief with her father’s lack of respect for any authority. Violet is just as smart as her older sister but lack’s Teal’s focus and determination. The younger Rosse has a huge sibling rivalry complex, which Teal is completely unaware of. Teal finds Violet annoying but manageable, but Vi grew up in RMI’s shadow and has a huge chip on her shoulder. She takes any comparisons to Teal (or other students) personally. Vi is determined not to let her family’s weirdness rub off on her and plans to avoid things her sister likes out of plain spite. An almost quintessential Aquila, Vi delights in petty acts of revenge. She is not above crying to get what she wants.


Violet has hazel eyes and long strawberry blonde hair that she often keeps tied back. A few small freckles dot her pale skin. She wears robes only because Teal doesn’t; when not at school, she prefers t-shirts with sarcastic slogans on them. Vi staunchly refuses to wear the color purple. She plans on wheedling her way into getting pierced ears.


Violet Rosse is the second daughter of Ward Rosse and Juliet Audrey. Her parents met as professors at RMI. Ward taught Charms and Magical Sciences, and Juliet was head of Aquila House and taught Potions. Teal, the couple’s first daughter, was born at RMI; four years later, Violet was born. By then the family had moved to Washington state, where Ward teaches Magical Sciences at Wallowa Mountain Academy. Juliet runs a speciality potions business from home (with the occasional help of Godzilla, their iguana).


Being called "Vi," getting even, winning


Being called "Violent Violet" (she WILL hex you), being compared to her older sister, the literal color purple


Do something so spectacular that everyone only knows Teal as "Violet Rosse's sister."