Rhiannon Taren


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 12/04
Wand: silver lime and jackalope antler fragment, 13 inches


It's not so much that Rhia is judgmental as - well, yes, Rhiannon Taren is judgmental. She is quick to pick up on almost everything, has been homeschooled and surrounded by very academic adults almost her entire life, and tends to think that people who don't immediately understand what she's talking about are fundamentally too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time. Shocking lack of social skills aside, Rhia is very curious and something of a perfectionist in all aspects of her life and is always paying attention to what's going on around her, even if she looks like she's not. She sees things in very black and white terms, stands on principle at the most inconvenient times, and is incapable of having an argument without picking that hill to die on.


Rhiannon is the sort of girl who thinks that fashion is for vapid people, so she pointedly does not make any concessions to fashion. She has long dark hair that she usually braids back, leaving it up to anyone's best guess as to whether it's naturally wavy (not that anyone ever sees Rhia with her hair down - literally). She doesn't need glasses, although she wishes she did, and has sharp features that her mother hopes will round out with time. Her eyes are a mixture of gray, green, blue, and gold that can give the impression that her eyes actually change color, depending on what she's wearing. "What she's wearing" is usually some variety of sweater and baggy pants with sneakers. Rhia particularly likes cargo pants because you can put books in the pockets.


It's a good thing that Rhia is an only child, because her parents were, well, not particularly equipped to have children. They found that out the hard way, and muddled through the first few years of her life with a great deal of confusion that doesn't seem to have done any permanent damage. They were relieved once their daughter started talking, even more relieved when she started reading, and have spoken to her like an adult since she was approximately four years old (for better or for worse). They tried to put Rhia in public school, but after two disastrous years they decided to ship her off to a maternal aunt instead, a magical anthropologist who studies the Anasazi in the mountains of Colorado. The relationship between Rhia and her parents was never particularly emotional, nor is the relationship between Rhia and her aunt, and the girl is consequently convinced that "feelings" are entirely unnecessary. It was always a given that Rhiannon would attend RMI, and she eagerly anticipates what she expects will be a challenging learning experience.


Books, learning, discovery, chocolate ice cream, and going hiking.


Stupid people, mostly.


Rhiannon would like to be a magical anthropologist like her aunt, but would prefer to specialize in something creepy, like mummies or death rites.