Paola DeMarco


Written By Gwen

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: January 21
Wand: 10" olive with alicorn feather


Paola is far too used to being alone. She loves to read, the more imaginative and escapist the story the better, and is generally self-reliant and creative in finding ways to fill her time. Paola is open-minded, curious, and observant, traits encouraged by her diplomat father. She is honest but tends to reserve her opinions unless she's certain that the person who asked for them is giving her their full attention. Paola tends to get stressed out by conflicts and secrets. She knows how to be charming and sociable from years of being trotted out at embassy parties but doesn't have a lot of experience with spontaneous or deeper friendships.


Paola is of average height and build, with thick wavy dark hair, greenish-hazel eyes, an aquiline nose, and olive skin that tans easily. She's very used to wearing a school uniform or dressier clothes and as a result has developed the habit of staying in her pajamas for as long as possible on the weekends. Paola prefers to wear her hair down and has a habit of running one hand through it as she's reading or thinking.


Paola DeMarco is the only child of Julius DeMarco (youngest son of Bennet DeMarco, current head of the DeMarco family), and Emma Langton, a Muggle businesswoman whom Julius courted and married while estranged from his father for reasons neither DeMarco will discuss. Emma Langton was deeply uncomfortable with the existence of magic when she learned of it (along with the fact that her new husband had lied to her about it); deeply unhappy to learn that she was expected to follow her husband around the world in the course of his career working in the magical United States' foreign service; and so appalled when their daughter manifested accidental magic that she filed for divorce as soon as she could. Julius reconciled with his father, retained custody of Paola and kept her with him as he was reassigned from embassy to embassy, with occasional visits to the DeMarco grandparents and cousins. For the past four years, Julius has been stationed in Tunis, with Paola jointly under his care, the care of her teachers at the American Wizarding School, and the care of whichever other embassy staff had time to pay attention (including RMI alumnae Fatima Morgan, the embassy's protocol officer, and Sara de los Santos, the embassy's doctor). The adults in her life have done their best to keep her uninvolved in embassy business, especially embassy crises, but Paola has always known, no matter what Dad tells her, when something serious has happened, as those were the times that she was left to keep herself company. Paola isn't sure how she feels to be heading off to boarding school: she's been happy in Tunis, and happy to stay for years, but she's been lonely at the embassy, and she's never really had one place that felt like home.


Astronomy, books, baklawa, harissa and other spicy foods, being taken seriously, sunshine, the beach


adults trying to hide things from her or talking to her like she's still a small child


Make a friend or two, perhaps?