Ivy Rasnick


Written By Ryan

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Ivy is a true free spirit. She is often seen as the life of the party, but her interest lies in less the sheer excitement of the moment she enjoys the social and emotional connections she is making with others. Most would describe her as a charming, independent, energetic, compassionate person. She is a curious person and welcomes new ideas, and experiences.


Ivy has an oval face that sports light brown, angular eyes, a snub nose, and firm lips. She has straight dark brown hair. She sometimes sports a few colorful streaks in her hair. Ivy is tall and willowy. She tends to wear black, often black leather even while teaching. She can be known to give hard mean looks when students act up in her class.


Ivy Rasnick was born to Pureblood parents in Idaho. Her father Aleksy, is of Polish descent, while her mother Anh (who goes by the Americanized, Ann) is a Vietnamese immigrant. Their marriage was one that was arranged to strengthen bonds between American and Vietnamese Purebloods. She is the youngest and only girl in the family. She has two older brothers named Briar, and Reid. Aleksy and Ann both ran a potions shop.While they were never fantastically rich the Rasnick children never went without. Her early childhood she spent at a magical elementary boarding school where she was taught the basics. Which also included learning English and Vietnamese. When Ivy was eleven she began to attend a school in NYC. Ivy excelled in her studies especially in the Defense Against the Dark Arts. During her fourth year her parents announced her betrothal to a boy named Quan from Vietnam. In the summer between her fifth and sixth year Ivy was sent to Vietnam to witness the marriage of Briar. There she met Quan and his twin sister Hang. It was love at first sight, not with Quan but Hang. Through the next two years under the guise of forming a sisterly bond Hang and Ivy dated. In the summers they’d go on trips and through the terms they’d write each other love letters. Unfortunately, two months before the end of her seventh year Quang found out. Ivy’s whole world imploded. Her betrothal was off, Hang couldn’t or wouldn’t respond to her, and she was on the outs with her Pureblood friends. There was no word from her Mother & Father. She graduated and much to her surprise her parent’s showed up. Though they were upset at her for not telling them about Hang, they were okay with the missed Pureblood connections. After a nice summer at home Ivy went and attended University of Washington-Seattle where she majored in Defense Against the Dark Arts and minored in Magical Theory. Here time in college was a doozy, after having only one relationship her entire life, a long distance relationship at that she began exploring. She dated both men and woman throughout her college career. Her parents were always accepting of her partners but never fully understanding their daughter. After College she got a job as an Unspeakable at WUN. There she was assigned to the Fear Chamber. She worked there for five years while dating a fellow Unspeakable. After a messy breakup Ivy decided she was tired of what she saw in the Fear Chamber. Thus she ended up at RMI as a Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.