Wynonna Wakefield


Written By Fae

Gender: female
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Wynonna is a fast-talking, fast-scheming bat out of hell. She's unfortunately more than a little spoiled due to her practically growing up alone and you know, being rich and all. It's either Wyn's way, or the highway, and she always gets what she wants. She has more than a bit of a smart-mouth, and tends to get in trouble at home (and at school) for back-talking. That's the thing about Wynonna Wakefield--she's a know-it-all, and she's not afraid to prove that to peers or adults alike. The blonde is a brave thing, probably to the point of danger. She takes unnecessary risks from time to time, and is known for being cunning. Wynonna likes gossip--she doesn't always spill the beans herself (unless of course, she's causing some chaos to distract herself or from something else) but she has a knack for eavesdropping. She collects information because privately, she's very insecure about her own secrets and is terrified of being vulnerable. Keeping blackmail material at the ready means she has protection. Leverage. Due to being included in the gossip of RMI (well, more like listening in), Wynonna tends to know all the things about everyone. She likes it that way, even though being involved makes her seem shallow and somewhat mean. She's nice to people if they're nice to her, she does favors for people so they'll owe her, she spills secrets when people piss her off. All to protect herself. And her family, in part. Cunning and sneakiness tend to run in their blood, and it's no wonder considering how her grandfather rose to prominence.


With slightly unruly, very wavy blonde hair and bright, bottle-green eyes, Wynonna is the photo-copy of a young southern belle. Her face is a pleasant oval shape, with a slightly upturned nose and splashes of freckles across her bridge and cheeks. She's surprisingly muscular for such a young girl, probably due to her father's insistence on physical defense training. Her skin is fair, but she's always in the sun, and tends to either look burned or tanned--there's no in-between. She is of average height for her age.


Born to a prominent wizarding socialite family in Charleston, South Carolina, Wynonna has grown up in the lap of luxury. With her father, Barnaby Wakefield owning multiple successful newspapers and a publishing company to boot, it'd be accurate to say that Wyn has never really wanted for anything (well, other than to be a successful reporter, but that doesn't really count). Growing up in a renovated plantation home with lots of room to run around meant Wynonna was constantly getting her nose into things she shouldn't have been. Technically, she's an "oops" baby, and is the youngest of Barnaby and Maria's six children--by ten years. She's closest with her brother Maxwell, the kid before her, but she hasn't really spoken with him much since he left for college.