Iolanthe McCloud


Written By Sophia

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 01/16
Wand: chestnut & phoenix feather


Contrary to some stereotypes about botanists, Iolanthe is an extrovert and prefers the company of people to that of plants. That said, her bedroom is full of plants, all of which live in pots that are color-coded based on their watering schedule. She doesn't own pets because many of her plants are toxic to creatures that might accidentally nibble on them. She finds poisonous plants fascinating, and aspires to create a poison garden one day. Io's ideal date is a nature walk, but aspiring suitors should be prepared to stop every time she sees a cool mushroom so she can take a picture of it. As a teacher, Io insists on no robes in class (they'll only get in the way) and begins every lesson with an icebreaker activity to help students get their giggles and fidgets out.


Students mostly see Iolanthe in her gardening clothes: overalls, a brightly-colored blouse, and heavy boots. Outside of class time, she wears floral patterned robes that she special orders. When it isn't pulled up in a ponytail under a bandana, Io's blonde hair falls past her shoulders. She has brown eyebrows that she regularly plucks and trims into submission. On the rare occasion that Io attends a formal event, she wears high heels, because being almost six feet tall doesn't mean you can't wear cute shoes.


Iolanthe has loved flora and fauna since she was a little boy scurrying around the woods behind her parents' house in Washington State picking flowers and collecting pillbugs. Now a woman in her late thirties, Io is thrilled she gets to do these things for a living (although she doesn't pick the flowers anymore; she leaves them alone to bloom). Her first job after graduating from Wallowa Mountain Academy was teaching Care of Magical Creatures in a wizarding homeschool community in Michigan. During her transition, she left the post to work as a horticulturist at a wizarding botanical garden. After her most recent project—compiling a seedbank of magical plants—ended, Io decided to return to her roots in education by taking the professorship at RMI.


Bees, weeding (so satisfying!), AgriClub, floral prints, stilettos, her trusty trowel


Deer, droughts, pesticides


Create a poison garden.