Daphne Lemont*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 6 May
Wand: Cherry & thunderbird feather


Growing up as the youngest of four daughters, Daphne was inadvertently spoiled by her parents, sisters, and house elves. In the nine years between the births of their oldest and youngest daughters, the Lemonts loosened some of the household rules. This meant Daphne could wheedle out of most anything she didn't want to do - especially in the four years since Rosemarie, the next-youngest, went to RMI. As a result, Daphne came to expect that most rules do not apply to her. She will attempt to wheedle out of classwork and detentions using crocodile tears, and has limited respect for authority because of her extensive experience subverting it.


Daphne has long, mousy brown hair that she spends at least an hour a day brushing and braiding. She loves braiding hair and will offer her hairstyling services to anyone whose hair is shoulder length or longer. Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from her three older sisters: she owns many pastel dresses. Left to her own devices, she prefers a shirt and culottes, but rarely gets it. She has large blue eyes and is short for her age, both of which help her get away with breaking rules.


Daphne Gabrielle Lemont is the fourth and youngest daughter of RMI graduates Tripp Lemont and Dawn Silverleaf; her father is a wandmaker and her mother an opera singer. The pureblood family lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Daphne has three older sisters, Kateri, Alice, and Rosemarie Lemont. She gets along best with Alice, who dotes on her, and worst with Rosemarie, who sees right through her innocent act. Her parents use the nickname "little bird" for her.


Getting her way, braiding, coloring


Chores, hand-me-downs, hard work


Daphne would like to make lots of friends at RMI. She envisions herself as being very popular. More popular than Rosemarie, perhaps...?