Riker Larson*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Problematically absent-minded, Riker is known for causing hallway traffic jams by slowing to a stop in the middle of walking. He's easily distracted, both by his own thoughts and by other people, whom he feels a need to greet whenever crossing paths. Riker is very patient and tolerant of others, even when put in a challenging situation or having conflicting opinions. He speaks softly and may come off a bit monotone.


Riker is short and of a skinny build. He uses masculine pronouns but presents in a more androgynous or gender non-conforming way, though at the time of first year he hasn't identified with any particular label yet. His blond hair is chin-length, sometimes parted to the middle and hanging straight down, or stuffed under a beanie. He likes to wear bright colours and often layers skirts over pants.


Riker lives with his mum and two cats in a small duplex in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His mum works as a counsellor and teaches classes in Conflict Resolution Studies at the University of Winnipeg. (Despite this, his dad isn't "in the picture" for reasons she has never explained but probably include some unresolved conflict. The irony goes over Riker's head.) She has been very supportive of Riker exploring his identity from a young age, including that time when he was 7, decided he was a cat, and spent a month sleeping under the table with their actual cats. The Larsons are on a strict budget, but Riker has never felt left out or wanting.


cats, all colours but especially blue, fashion, doodling character designs, being asked "why are you wearing that" (he'll tell you all about why clothes aren't gendered!)


arguments, loud noises in general


Riker would love to be involved in RMI's Drama Club, but he probably won't be any good at memorizing lines. Maybe he can help with fashion design instead and sometimes go on stage for fun?