Nathan Markopoulos*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Nathan is always Nathan - never Nate. He's carried grudges for less and will carry them for more, too. (Holding a grudge isn't praised in the Orthodox Church, but it isn't really banned, either.) Although he's a loyal friend and tries to be supportive, he can be resentful of the success of others, especially when he feels left out, as he worries they will think themselves better than him. Nathan is very sensitive to inequalities within the group but not good at addressing them, and is more likely to sulk off with a book or write rants in his journal than speak up. He tried playing a sport once but was not a fan.


Nathan has brown eyes, round framed glasses, and short, curly brown hair. He tans easily and his skin is always a few shades darker after the summer. With lots of aunties and uncles who offer to refill his plate at family gatherings and a culture of eating 'til you burst, it would be polite to say that Nathan is on the chubby side.


The Markopoulos family resides in Queens, NYC, in a small district called Astoria or colloquially "Greektown". They have lived there for 3 generations, ever since their predecessors immigrated from Thessaloniki. Nathan is the fourth of seven kids, placing him exactly in the middle. He's also the first to show any sign of magic - which is exciting, but less desirable when you've got three jealous older siblings (John, Andrew, and Zoe) capable of doing who-knows-what in retaliation and three younger ones (Lucas, Marie, and little Nicky) plotting ways to make his magic rub off on them. With his luck, one of them will have these surprise magic genes too and think it worked.


good Greek food, especially meats and pastries, writing, the part of Sunday mass with music, having so many siblings


athletics, being sweaty, being not wanted/needed, the rest of Sunday mass where you just sit there, having so many siblings


At RMI, he wants to write for Rocky Voices. Past that, he thinks it would be neat to be a chef.