Summer Brooks


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Summer loves, loves, loves learning new things! She isn’t so sure about school itself, since she needs to be actively doing something to learn, but she always wants to learn new skills. Dances, juggling, songs - she loved it all. She worries about book learning. Sitting still and listening to a professor drawl on and on and on and on sounds like a nightmare to her. She’s also unsure about this whole underground school thing. Summer is used to traveling; being in one spot for so long is sure to make her a little antsy. Intensely curious, she can often be found in places she probably shouldn’t be. As a budding stage magician herself, she likes to practice new skills on her friends, even if she might not be ready to do so safely. She gets frustrated when she doesn’t immediately master something new.


With honey blonde hair and blue eyes, Summer definitely looks like a little Renaissance Faire princess. Her wardrobe is entirely pastels and flowy clothes with the occasional flower crown to top it off. She’s not as freckled as her mother and doesn’t have dyed hair yet. To compensate, because she really thinks that rule is unfair, her long hair is often pulled up into intricate braids.


It is said that Summer was born backstage at a Renaissance Faire several weeks before her actual due date - impatient from the start. With her mother, she grew up among performers and never stayed in one place for two long. Each festival was a new home and she made friends in each place. This also meant she was homeschooled her whole life, never somewhere long enough to join a school. It surprised her when her mother accepted a job at Rocky Mountain International. Summer didn’t get much of an opinion about it, which bothered her greatly. She hoped she could stay with one of her mom’s partners, like Ramona and their triplets, or Jasper. Instead, she packed her bags and got ready to come to school for the very first time.


Nature, music, candy, and pretty colors


being stuck inside, bullies, rigged games, laziness


Summer wants to have her own traveling act just like her mom and the rest of her family. She has decided what, exactly, just that she’s going to do it.